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Calgary Stampede - Surroundings - ????     #


This game was inspired by the many good times we, as a family, enjoyed at the Calgary Stampede. We hope that playing this game will bring back many exciting memories that your family may have enjoyed and also introduce the Calgary Stampede - The Greatest Outdoor Show on earth" to those who haven't yet the pleasure.

David & Paula Workman

Players: 2 to 6
Age: 8 to Adult
Average playtime:

Object of the game

People from all over the world visit the Stampede to have fun and that's the object of this game. However, winning money and prizes such as cars, boats, the Dream home and gold can also be considered fun. the player with the most cash value at the end of the game is the winner, but if you enjoy the game you're a winner too.


  • the white hat and boots playing board
  • 6 game pieces
  • 4 chuckwagons
  • 8 wild horses
  • set of white stampede cards with red lettering
  • set of red stampede raffle cards
  • 2 spinners
  • Stampede cash
  • dice


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