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B-17 Bomber - Mattel Electronics - 1982     #3884


Requires Intellivoice module

BUG: If your altitude is high enough, and you're hit with enough enemy fire, you can rack up so much damage before you hit the ground that you'll roll over the counter. Voila! Instant repair!

BUG: Dropping a bomb to the far left of the screen from just the right altitude will crash the game.

BUG: Flying into flak features some great perspective animation; the rear view, however, doesn't look quite right. They ran out of time to debug it. By the way, they also ran out of room for a flak graphics picture. Instead, the program grabs some of the Executive ROM program code and graphically displays it. This random jumble of bits passes as flak.

BUG: When the game starts, the bomber faces east, When you return from a mission, the bomber faces west. When you start the second mission, the bomber is still facing west, so you can easily end up halfway to Bermuda, trying to figure out how the English Channel got so wide and where the German fighters are.

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