Zoo Parade Cadaco-Ellis 1955 Rules
    Honor System

MARLIN PERKINS, America's most popular Zoo Director, highlights the adventure of tracking and capturing wild animals on Four Continents... Knowledge of Animal Characteristics, Trail Signs and Methods of Capture is acquired through play. EDUCATIONAL FUN - For Boys and Girls... Ages 9 to 14. Each player is a Zoo Director assigned to capture and transport 3 wild animals to the Zoo... Tracking takes place in africa, Asia, North and South America. First to complete an assignment wins.





Each player is a Zoo Director an assignment to capture 3 wild animals for transport to the Zoo. 1st to complete an assignment wins.


    1. Remove Assignment Cards from box by pulling out metal fastener. Place face-down and shuffle. Each player takes 1 Assignment Cards, notes its heading and number. LOW NUMBER PLAYS FIRST.

    2. YOUR ASSIGNMENT CARD: {a} Names 3 animals to be captured. (b) Gives their locationon the ZOO PARADE Board (Asia, Africa, North America, South America). (c) Lists questions concerning each animal, its Trail Signs, method of Capture and standard Transport to Zoo. (d) Habitat

    3. ZOO PARADE BOARD: Seat yourself near your Geographical Section. EXAMPLE: If you are assigned to AFRICA, locate AFRICA on the Zoo Parade Board. It is there you track and capture your 3 animals. remove wooden Marker from Arrow. Take 3 colored Pegs to match your Marker.


    1. ANIMALS ARE TRACKED AND CAPTURED ONE AT A TIME, in the order they appear on your Assifnment Card. EXAMPLE: In AFRICA, the 1st animal you track and capture is the Lion, the 2nd is the Giraffe, the 3rd is the Zebra. AFTER EACH ANIMAL IS CAPTURED IT MUST BE TRANSPORTED TO THE ZOO before you can track the next animal on your Assignment Card.

    2. Tracking: Each animal appears twice on the Trail, You have a choice of Trails and may track the animal in iether location.

    3. CODE DIAL AND ANSWER PANEL: (Used in answering question on your Assignment Card). Whenever you are on a spot on the Zoo Parade Board that requires an Assignment Card Question*... Read the Question aloud... Answer YES or No... Dial the Code Number of your answer (listed in YES - NO Columns opposite your Question)... Refer to the Answer Panel and follow instructions.
* SPOTS REQUIRING ASSIGNMENT CARD QUESTIONS: (a) Circles 1-2-3 on the Zoo Parade Board. (b) All unmarked Circles on Trail. (c) "C" Circles. (d) Standard Transport to Zoo.

      A. Following instruction in Answer Panel.
      B. Spinner.

    5. SPINNER: When you land on an "S" CIRCLE, ON YOUR NEXT TURN use the Spinner. If the "S" Circle is RED, advance the number of spaces indicated on the RED Section of the Spinner. If the "S" Circle is GREEN, advance the number of spaces indicated on the GREEN Section of the Spinner.


    1. PREPARATION FOR TRAIL: Circles 1-2-3 on the Zoo Parade Board refer to Questions 1-2-3 on your Assignment Card. EACH QUESTION IS ANSWERED ON A SEPARATE TURN.

       A. Player with lowest number starts first.

       B. Place your Marker on Circle 1 in your Geographical Section... Read aloud Question 1 on your Assignment Card (listed under the animal you are tracking)... Answer YES or NO... Dial the Code Number of your Answer... Follow instructions in the Answer Panel. EXAMPLE: If your Answer is correct - Answer Panel tells you to advance to Circle 2: If incorrect - There is no move and you must answer Question 1 again ON YOUR NEXT TURN.

       C. Play continues in turn to the left, as described above.

       D. Advancement: When you answer Question 2 correctly, advance from Circle 2 to Circle 3. ON YOUR NEXT TURN answer Question 3 on your Assignment Card. EXAMPLE: if you think your animal eats only Meat - dial the Code Number opposite MEAT... If you think it eats only leaves and grasses - dial the Code Number opposite VEGETATION... If you think it eats both Meat and Vegetation - dial the Code Number opposite BOTH... Refer to Answer Panel and Follow instructions.

When Question 3 is answered correctly, advance to Red "S" Circle, which marks the beginning of your Trail. ON YOUR NEXT TURN spin the Spinner.

    2. ON TRAIL: Locate the 2 positions of the animal you are tracking. You have a choice of Trails and may track the animal in whichever direction you choose.

       A. TRAIL SIGNS: When you land on a small green circle, ON YOUR NEXT TURN refer to the ON TRAIL section of your Assignment Card. Select ANY ONE of the Trail Signs listed under your animal (Footprints are pictured). If the Trail Sign indicates the nearby presence of your animal - answer YES. If not - answer NO... Dial Code Number of your Answer and follow instructions in Answer Panel.

       B. PASSING YOUR ANIMAL ON TRAIL: When your move takes you BEYOND the animal you are tracking, it has been frightened from the area and escapes to its other location on the Trail. ON YOUR NEXT TURN you must start to track the animal in its new location.

       NOTE: If Answer Panel instructions move you back to the spot from which the animal fled, remember that it is no longer there. ON YOUR NEXT TURN use the Spinner and advance the number of spaces indicated in the RED Section.

       C. LANDING ON OTHER ANIMALS: When your move puts you on the "C" Circle of an animal you are NOT tracking. IMMEDIATELY advance 2 spaces out of range.

       D. "H" CIRCLES ARE HAZARDS: When you land on an "H" Circle, IMMEDIATELY dial its Code Number and follow instructions.

       E. "C" Circles: {1} When you land on the "C" CIRCLE of the animal you are tracking, IMMEDIATELY refer to methods of Capture on your Assignment Card... State your choice... Dial its Code Number... Follow instructions in Answer Panel. (2) When Answer Panel indicates CAPTURED - Remove your Marker from the Board... Peg in the animal an the Picture Panel to indicate its Capture. ON YOUR NEXT TURN transport animal to Zoo. If the animal escaped, make the move indicated in the Answer Panel and capture on following turns.

    3. TRANSPORT TO ZOO: Your Assignment Card lists 3 methods of transport - Air, Ship, Rail. Dial the Code Number opposite your choice... If Answer Panel shows it is the usual method used by a Zoo Director - remove Peg from Picture Panel and transfer to animal in Zoo. If you selected a method of transport not usually used, select another method on your next turn.

    4. THE WINNER: 1st to transport 3 assigned animals to the Zoo wins.

    5. TO CONTINUE PLAY: Place Assignment Cards face-down, shuffle, choose a new Assignment Card and proceed as before.


4 Assignment Cards; Self-contained Zoo Parade Board with 4 Geographical Playing Sections, Zoo, Code Dial and Answer Panel; Spinner; 4 Markers; 12 Pegs.

Copyright 1955
Manufactured and Distributed by
Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill.