Honor System

Yum Rules


The equipment consists of five dice, a cup and score pads.


The object of the game is to score the highest number of points, by throwing the dice to form combinations of numbers as follows:

High Straight 2-3-4-5-6 for 20 points.
Low Straight 1-2-3-4-5 for 15 points.
A High Any combination of numbers which adds to 22 or more.
A Low Any combination of numbers which must be lower than your than your HIGH, but not lower than 21.
A Full House Three of one kind and two of another for 25 points.
A YUM Five numbers of one kind, for 30 points.
1 through 6 The total of any number of one kind, in three throws.

For example, three one's would count as a total of three points.

Four three's would count as a total of twelve points.

A Bonus If your total of One through Six is 63 or more, then you score a BONUS of 25 points.

How to Play

Each player may roll the dice three times at one turn of play. On his first throw he decides which combination to seek, then leaves those dice which he feels would help to achieve the desired combinaton, and rolls the remaining dice. (All 5 dice may be rolled again if desired.) If the combination is reached on the second throw, the player may score and does not take a third throw. His turn ends. Should the player be unsuccessful in forming a combination after the third throw, he may use the numbers in some other way, scoring the highest points possible. For example: In trying to achieve a FULL HOUSE, a player ends his turn with three 6's, one 2 and one 3. He may use the full total of 23 for his LOW SCORE.

Since a player is only allowed one combination of each kind in each game, should he throw a FULL HOUSE and this has already been scored on his score sheet, then he must use the numbers in some other way to his best possible advantage. For example: Three 6's and Two 5's, could be used as a total of 28 for a HIGH OR count the three 6's for a total of 18 in the Six Column, OR count the two 5's for a total of 10 in the Five Column.If these alternatives have already been scored, then the player must enter a zero in some other square. Each player has an equal number of turns in each game.

Points are totaled and the winner is the player with the highest score.

Extra score pads may be purchased where you obtained this game.

Parker Brothers, Division of General Mills Canada Ltd., P.O. Box 600, Concord, Ontario.