Honor System


1 game board; 1 video cassette; 1 spinner with guitar pointer; 4 playing piece tops (Guitar, Drum Sticks, Hat & Mirthmobile; 4 playing piece bases (globes); 48 Party On! Cards; 48 Pop Quiz Cards; 4 Babe/Hunk playing piece tops; 4 backstage passes; 36 Party Makers; 1 Grey Poupon jar; and 1 box goal label.


To be the first player to reach: Party Central


• Sit at a table in front of a VCR - equipped television set. Make sure that everyone can see the screen.

• Open the game board and place it on the table within easy reach of all players.

• Put the globe playing piece bases and the playing piece tops (guitar, drumsticks, hat and Mirth Mobile) into the box lid. Without looking, everyone pick a base and a top combination. Players then push the tops into the bases and place their pieces on a matching color corner 1 space.

• Shuffle the PARTY ON! and POP QUIZ cards and place the decks off the game board, face down, within easy reach of all players.

• Place the circular PARTY MAKERS face down inside PARTY CENTRAL space on the game board.

• Put string through the BACKSTAGE PASSES so players will be able to wear them. String is not included.

• Place the BABE/HUNK pieces, BACKSTAGE PASSES and the GREY POUPON jar off the board, within easy reach of all players.

• Each player should make no less than 10 “trash pucks” from scrap paper, not new paper. Always recycle “trash pucks” as you would recycle your hurl! Save a trees Hint: Don’t use lightweight newspaper. The heavier the paper stock, the better. Keep the “trash pucks” close by your throwing hand.

• Set up the box and lid to make a goal as illustrated below. Place it about 15 feet away from all players. The top of the tv set may be a good spot. Another option is to put it on a chair.


The game is played along with the enclosed video cassette. If a player does not win the 45 minute game before the tape ends, Garth wins.

Take turns moving around the board. Moves are directed by using the spinner and moving the number of spaces indicated -- always in the direction of the arrows -- or by going wherever Wayne and Garth tell you to move.

If a space is occupied, always move to the next unoccupied space. No two players may occupy the same space except for these exceptions: TICKET GATE; BABEITUDE ZONE; and MONKEY SPACE.

The tape must run without interruption once it is started, so it’s very important to finish reading the rules to know what happens on different game board spaces.


Here is what the various spaces mean. Check them off this list with a pencil after you have read about them and know where they are on the game board.

• TAKE A PARTY MAKER SPACES: If you land here, take a PARTY MAKER from PARTY CENTRAL and keep it in front of you face up. You need at least 5 PARTY MAKERS to get into PARTY CENTRAL

• TICKET GATE SPACE: Take a BACKSTAGE PASS (if you don’t have one) and wear it around your neck. No one can take this away from you once you earn it. One per player.

• PICTURE OF PLAYING PIECE SPACES: If you land on a space that has a drawing of your playing piece, give a PARTY MAKER (if you have one) to the player of your choice.

• COLOR OF PLAYING PIECE SPACES: If you land on a space the same color as your playing piece base, take a PARTY MAKER from PARTY CENTRAL.

• GREY POUPON SPACES: If you have the Grey Poupon jar, and any player (including yourself) lands on this space, now is your chance to move the jar to another player. This space is for the player who has the Grey Poupon, not for the player who lands on the Grey Poupon space.

Note: A player can be given the Grey Poupon jar on any space except PARTY CENTRAL, including the entrance spaces to PARTY CENTRAL.

• PARTY ON! SPACES: If you land here, turn over a PARTY ON! card, read it aloud and do what it says. Used cards are returned to the bottom of the deck.

• GO ANYWHERE SPACES: Do just as it says. This gives you a chance to get a PARTY MAKER, pick-up a BABE/HUNK, obtain a BACKSTAGE PASS or pass the Grey Poupon. Do what’s best for you.

• THE BABEITUDE ZONE: This is where you pick up a babe or hunk. If you are sent to the Babeitude Zone, take a BABE/HUNK card and place it into your base with the appropriate side facing front. Move out of the Babeitude Zone on your next turn.

• RELEASED SPACE: When a player lands on this space, everyone trapped in the MONKEYS MIGHT FLY OUT OF MY BUTT space may leave on their next spin.

• MONKEYS MIGHT FLY OUT OF MY BUTT SPACE: If you get sent to the monkey space, put your playing piece there. You don’t want to be in the monkey space.

You may leave if one of these 4 things happens:
1. You spin a 3. Each time you don’t spin a 3, you must return a PARTY MAKER to PARTY CENTRAL, then try again on your next turn.
2. You are out of PARTY MAKER pieces. You may leave on your next turn.
3. Wayne and Garth say you may leave.
4. Any other player lands on the space called “RELEASED! FLY OUT OF MY BUTT SPACE.” You may leave on your next turn.


1. WAYNE AND GARTH: When Wayne and Garth, your most excellent hosts, come on the television, stop play and pay attention. Do exactly what they tell you to do. When they are not on the screen, take turns spinning and keep moving around the game board.
If any player misses a video instruction, don’t worry, just keep the spinner moving from player to player.
If a player has already spun when Wayne and Garth come on the screen, finish th~ move.
If a player is reading a card or about to read a card when Wayne and Garth come on, the video takes priority. Return the card to the bottom of its deck and follow what Wayne and Garth tell you to do.

2. WHOSE TURN IS IT?: Sometimes it may be hard to recall whose turn it was right before Wayne and Garth came on the screen. That’s OK. Just do the best you can and keep play moving.

3. YOUR SPECIAL SOUND: A special sound effect corresponds to each playing piece. At the beginning of the videotape, the sounds will be played for you. Remember your sound! When you hear it, you will have to do something. Wayne and Garth will tell you what to do.

For example, in the beginning of the game, Wayne and Garth will tell you when you hear your sound to take a PARTY ON! card.

4. HE SHOOTS! HE SCORES!: When Wayne or Garth scream this out, or it is read aloud off a card by a player, grab one of your “trash pucks”and shoot at the goal. The first player to land a “trash puck” in the box first (bounce outs don’t count), will get to do something — usually take a PARTY MAKER.

House rules on who scored first. No ties. Don’t waste time arguing. The tape is rolling.

5. POP QUIZ: When Wayne and Garth tell you to draw a POP QUIZ card and read the question aloud, they will give you the answer by saying “Way” or “No Way.” If the answer is “Way,” you must do what the POP QUIZ card directs. If the answer is “No Way,” you don’t have to do what the POP QUIZ card directs.


The winner is the first player to enter PARTY CENTRAL, on an exact spin count, with:
at least 5 PARTY MAKERS pieces
a Backstage Pass
and without the Grey Poupon jar!

If you have all the elements to win and spin a number higher than you need to enter PARTY CENTRAL on an exact count, just wait on your space until you spin what you need.

If a player does not make it to Party Central before Garth comes on and announces that the game is over, Garth wins. If one of the players wins, fast-forward the tape to the end and enjoy the last fun-packed minute of PARTY ON!

Losers must clean up the “trash pucks,” mop up any hurl, refill the refreshments, get more munchies, and set up the game for another round of most excellent game play.

GAME PLAY (without videotape) The rules are the same except that you draw a POP QUIZ! card everytime you land on a blank space. Answers to the POP QUIZ! cards will be determined by spinning the spinner. Odd numbers signify a negative answer (“No Way,” “Not!”). Even numbers signify a positive response (“Way”).


1. Everyone spins. The lowest number goes first. In case of a tie, spin again. The first player must take the Grey Poupon jar. Play continues to the left, clockwise.

GAME BOARD MOVEMENT - Follow the direction as shown.

2. If you have read all the rules and you have everything set up, put the cassette into your VCR and press PLAY.

3. Fans of Wayne’s World are encouraged to watch the enclosed videotape in its entirety, even if someone wins before the tape ends. In addtion to being a component of gameplay, the videotape is most excellent entertainment.

4. If there are fewer than 4 players, then certain play pieces will not be used. Any reference to unused play pieces on the videotape is ignored, just keep playing.


© 1992 Mattel, inc., All Rights Reserved, ® and TM designate U.S. Trademarks of Mattel, Inc. © 1992 Broadway Video, Inc. SNL Under License From NBC. Hemispheres and spinner made in China.

GREY POUPON is a registered trademark of Nabisco, Inc. Trademark and product image used with permission. Wayne’s World images photographed by Edie Baskin, Susanne Tenner, Norman Ng and E.J. Camp. Package back panel photograghy by Jim Johnson.