Honor System


Pirate Battle Game
Playtoy Industries 1996

For 2 or more players
Ages 7 and up



2 Pirate Ships, 2 Skiffs, 1 Fort, 12 Target Cannons, 2 Mortars, 2 Cannons, 20 Pirates, 4 Palisades, 6 Palm Trees, 6 Treasure Chests, 24 Battle Balls, 8 Latches (for Target Cannons and Palisades), Dice, Label Sheet, Islands, Rubber Bands.


Be the first player to either destroy all your opponent’s Target Cannons or knock over all your opponent’s Pirates.


Carefully remove the island pieces from the sheets and position them as shown as shown in Figure 1.

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 1

Game Dice:
Label each die so that there is one 3, three 4’s and two 5’s on each die.

Figure 2: Place labels on the sails, then assemble the sails to the Skiffs.

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 2

Pirate Ships:
Figure 3: Label the sails.

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 3

Figure 3B: Label the Brig Hulls.

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 3B

Figure 3A: Assemble the Topmast by placing the opening of the smaller mast onto the nib of the larger mast and rotating to secure as shown. Place the Crow’s Nest onto the small mast.

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 3A

Figure 4: Assemble the Bowsprit and then the Mainsail. Assemble one rubber band onto the underside as shown. Insert the bowsprit through the slot on the deck and loop the rubber band through the notches. Assemble the second rubber band on the deck side as shown. Push the Main sail down onto the rubber bands until it latches into place. By hitting the Bowsprit with a Battle Ball, the Mainsail will eject.

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 4

Place the topmast assembly into the ship, in front of the wheel

As shown in Figure 6, place a rubber band over the post located under each cannon barrel and stretch across the bottom of the cannon, looping the rubber band over the post at rear. Each Brig holds 4 Target Cannons. To assemble those, press each Target Cannon over the two posts and tabs in the ship and push forward to lock in. (NOTE: the latches are used only to assemble the Target Cannons to the islands).

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 6

Other Components:
Latches: Assemble all the latches by twisting into place as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 7: Palm Trees - Assemble the tops of the trees to the trunks and place 3 palm trees on Treasure Island, 2 on Crab Claw Island and 1 on Fort Island.

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 7

Figure 8: Fort: Label the fort and the pole. Assemble the rubber band to the fort as shown. Place the fort on Fort Island by aligning the notches at bottom to the slots in the board and gently twisting clockwise to lock in place.

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 8

Palisades : Assemble the 4 Palisades by placing the rubber band as shown in Figure 5. Press the Palisades onto the latches on Crab Claw island by sliding them forward to lock into place.

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 5

Target Cannons: Assemble two of the remaining Target Cannons onto the latches on Crab Claw Island. Slice forward to lock into place. The remaining two Target Cannons should be locked into place on Fort Island.

Figure 9: Shows how the Mortars work. Each player gets one Mortar.

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 9

Figure 10: Shows how the Ship’s Cannons work. Each player gets one Ship’s Cannon.

Siege Pirate Battle Game Fig 10

Set up the remaining pieces as shown in Figure 1.


Decide which player will go first. On your turn you roll the Pirate Dice to see how many Battle Points you get. For each Battle Point you get, you may:
  • Fire a Battle Ball OR
  • Replace a Target Cannon OR
  • Move a Pirate
  • You may do any combination of the above with as many Battle Points as you have rolled.

    Firing Battleballs:
    You may fire a Cannon or Mortar from any position as long as it is in line with the rear of your Island (see Figure 1). Firing one shot uses up 1 Battle Point.

    You can fire at your opponent only if you have at least one Target Cannon that is not destroyed, no matter where it’s pointing.

    Note: Players should stand off to the side, out of the range of the Cannon and Mortar while they are being fired.

    Treasure Chests:
    All 6 Treasure Chests are on Treasure Island. Treasure Chests are used to replace Target Cannons. During the game, each player can take up to 3 Treasure Chests from Treasure Island. Once you have used all 3 Treasure Chests and all your Target Cannons are destroyed, you’ve lost — even if some of your Pirates are still alive!

    Replacing Target Cannons:
    The Skiff is only moved when going to Treasure Island to collect and return with a Treasure Chest, or replacing a Pirate on board. As long as you have a Pirate in your Skiff, you may take a Treasure Chest. This takes 4 moves (4 Battle Points) over 2 turns.

    Turn 1:
    Move the Skiff to the island (1 point) and place the Treasure Chest on board (1 point). Now wait for your next turn. You may use any remaining Battle Points to fire Battle Balls, as long as you have at least one Target Cannon left.

    Turn 2:
    Move the Skiff back to your base Island (1 point) and replace the Target Cannnon on either the Brig or Island Base (1 point). The Treasure Chest is now removed from the game (it’s empty!).

    You may never have more than one Treasure Chest in your Skiff at a time. If your Treasure Chest is destroyed while in a Skiff (a direct hit knocking it out of the boat) that chest is taken out of the game. You may repeat the above sequence over 2 turns.

    Moving Your Pirates:
    Pirates always start the game on the spaces on the Skiff, Brig, Fort and on the marked spaces on the islands (see Figure 1). As the battle progresses, and pirates are knocked over, you may move pirates to any free space if you wish. It costs 1 Battle Point to move 1 Pirate.

    Replacing a Pirate in the Skiff:
    If your Pirate is knocked over in the Skiff, he must be replaced. This takes 2 points: 1 point to return to base and 1 point to put a new Pirate into the Skiff.

    All targets except Target Cannons remain destroyed once hit. 3 Target Cannons can be replaced by 3 Treasure Chests for each player.

    The Fort:
    Once the Fort has been destroyed (a direct hit on the door), it is not reset, and Pirates are no longer put on top. However, if you wish, you may place a Pirate onto the top step in front of the Fort (this takes 1 Battle Point).

    Each Palisade takes 1 Pirate. It is not replaced once it is destroyed. However, if a Pirate in a Palisade is hit without destroying the Palisade, another Pirate can be placed in it. This takes 1 Battle Point.

    Eliminating Pirates:
    Pirates are eliminated once they have been knocked over, even if they were hit by a falling target and not directly by a Battle Ball.

    The Compass Symbol:
    The number 3 on each Pirate die is shown inside a Compass symbol. If either of the dice rolled by a player shows the compass, this player must turn their Brig to face the opposite direction, allowing their opponent a chance to hit the Target Cannons on the other side of the Brig. This is the only time the Brig is moved. In addition, the player also uses the 3 Battle Points shown on that die. If a player rolls 2 compasses on the same turn, he can choose whether or not to turn his Brig.

    A player wins by either: knocking over all his opponent’s Pirates OR destroying all his opponent’s Target Cannons, including the 3 replacements.

    The Pirate Captain is Dead!
    Optional Rule: If a player’s Pirate Captain is knocked over, then his Pirates are without a leader. From now on, he rolls one Pirate die on his turn.

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