Honor System

Dream Phone

Calling All Boys!

Oooh! Take a look at the gameboard! One of these 24 boys likes you! He was too shy to tell you himself, but he has told all of his friends. Now you have to call them for clues so you can ind out WHO the Secret Admirer is!

Dream Phone Phone Book


Be the first player to figure out WHO the Secret Admirer is. (There is only ONE Secret Admirer per game — the same one for all players. The Secret Admirer changes for each NEW GAME.)

Here's How the Dream Phone Works!


Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the phone’s battery door located on the back of the phone as shown in Figure 1. Insert four “AA” size alkaline batteries according to the diagram inside the battery compartment. Then screw on the battery door.

Dream Phone Fig 1

Test the batteries by pressing the NEW GAME button located on the front of the phone. See Figure 2. You should hear a loud dial tone.

Dream Phone Fig 2

Caution: If you do not hear a loud dial tone, the batteries may be weak or improperly installed. Batteries may leak if improperly installed and could damage the phone. Remove batteries when phone is not in use for extended periods of time.

NOTE: This game’s electronic touch-tone phone is not a real phone and cannot be used to communicate over any telephone network. The Dream Phone is powered by batteries — not by the phone company! So if your batteries die in the middle of a game, the game is over. To play again, you must insert new batteries.


In addition to the Number buttons from 1 to 9, the Dream Phone has four unique buttons: NEW GAME, REDIAL, SPEAKER, and GUESS. See Figure 2. To get used to these buttons, let’s try out the phone as if you’re starting to play!

New Game Button

Whenever you want to start a new game, press the NEW GAME button. When you hear a loud dial tone, you’re ready to call a boy! Now press the NEW GAME button and let’s call Dan! Find his Photo card and call his number listed on the card. (It’s 555-7777!) To call him, press each number just as you would if you were calling a friend. You’ll hear each number’s tone as you press it. Now listen and hear what Dan has to say! He’ll tell you a clue about the Secret Admirer. Everyone will hear the first part of his message but only you will hear the clue at the end!

Caution: If you accidentally press the NEW GAME button during a game, the electronic phone’s memory will be erased and the game must be started over!

Redial Button

If you miss hearing a clue, listen for the dial tone and then press the REDIAL button to hear the clue again. The phone will automatically redial the last number called!

Do it now and you’ll hear Dan say something like, “What? You again? I just told you...” and then he will repeat his clue. Everyone will hear the first part of his message but only you will hear the clue at the end!

Speaker Button

During the game, everyone could be directed to hear the same clue. When this happens, listen for the dial tone and then press the SPEAKER button before you dial a boy’s number. His clue will then be heard by all!

Do it now — just press the SPEAKER button and dial Dan’s number again (555-7777). Stand the phone upright on the table and listen to Dan tell the clue to everyone. Be careful not to cover the phone’s loudspeaker!

NOTE: The SPEAKER button does not function as an operator button. You cannot call the operator on this phone.

Guess Button

When you’re ready to guess who the Secret Admirer is, listen for the dial tone, then press the GUESS button and dial the phone number of the boy you think it is. He’ll tell you (and everyone else) if you’re right or not!

Now let’s pretend that you think the Secret Admirer is Dan. To make a guess, press the GUESS button and dial Dan’s number again. Were you right?


R-R-RIng! R-R-RIng! R-R-RIng!

It’s the Surprise Caller! During the game, the phone will ring without anyone having made a call. The girl on the line will then tell everyone a special clue. She might say, “Hi! I just heard...it’s NOT George!” It’s a free clue — make sure you mark it on your cluesheet!

Sorry, you cannot redial the Surprise Caller to hear her message again because she’s called you — so listen to her closely!

If you get a Surprise Call and you still need to hear the previous boy’s clue, listen to the girl’s message and then press REDIAL. The phone will automatically redial the last boy called and he’ll repeat his clue for you. p>If the phone rings just as you’re starting a call, stop and listen. Then start your call again.

Operator Say.: Sorry, Wrong Number!

Oh, no! You goofed up the number you were dialing! Don’t worry — the operator will cut in and tell you to dial again! Then try dialing the correct number again. (Remember, you cannot call the operator but she can talk to you!)


If you meant to hit the REDIAL button, but you hit either the SPEAKER or GUESS button instead, you can still hit REDIAL to hear the clue again. If you hit either the SPEAKER or the GUESS button and then a number button, continue to hit wrong numbers until the operator speaks. Then you must dial the entire phone number to hear the clue again.


Automatic Shut-off!

During gameplay, if no buttons are pressed for 5 minutes, the phone will automatically shut off and the game is over. To continue play, you’ll have to start a whole NEW GAME. (So if someone has to leave the game for a few minutes, continue to play and let that player catch up later!)

Now that you know everything there is to know about the phone, you can start to play a real game! Happy hunting!


1. Place the gameboard over the tray as shown on the back of the package box. You may stand the phone up in the tray or just keep it within easy reach of all players.

2. Carefully punch out all cluesheet holders from the cardboard sheet. Discard waste. Give each player one cluesheet and one cluesheet holder. See Figure 3 below.

NOTE: Each player will need a pen or pencil to write notes on her cluesheet.

Dream Phone Fig 3

3. Separate the 12 Special cards (Speakerphone, Share A Secret, Mom Says Hang Up!) from the 24 Photo cards. Give every player one of each type of Special card. Place these 3 cards faceup in front of each player. Place any extra Special cards out of play. See Figure 4.

Dream Phone Fig 4

4. Shuffle the 24 Photo cards and deal 3 cards faceup to each player. (Other players can see your Photo cards.) Place the remaining Photo cards facedown in the Draw section of the tray.

NOTE: All boys’ names, phone numbers and gameboard locations are entirely fictional and do not represent any known individuals, numbers or locations.


A cluesheet is divided into three columns. The first column lists the boys you’re calling. The second column shows the clues which will be given. The third column is the Secret Admirer cross-off list.

Notice that there are also four clue sections with six boys in each section. Each boy will give you any one of the six clues for his section — either a hangout clue, food clue, sports clue or clothing clue, depending upon the section.

For Example: Dave in Section 1 will only give you one of the six hang-out clues. He may say that the Secret Admirer is NOT at the Movies or NOT at the Gym or NOT at any other location. Scott in Section 4 will only give you one of the six clothing clues. He may say that the Secret Admirer is NOT wearing a tie or NOT wearing a hat, etc.!

How to Play

Now press the NEW GAME button, hear the dial tone and start calling! The youngest player goes first. Players then alternate turns, passing the phone clockwise.


Do the following 5 steps.

1.Pick a boy to call: Decide which boy you want to call from your 3 Photo cards and announce his name to the other players. See Figure 5.

Dream Phone Fig 5

2. Dial number and listen to clue: Using the Dream Phone, now make your call to the boy on the Photo card and listen to his clue. This boy will tell you the same clue throughout the game. Since you don’t want repeat information, check off his name and his clue on your cluesheet so you won’t call him again. See Figure 6.

Dream Phone Fig 6

IMPORTANT: Keep your marked-up cluesheet secret from the other players. You don’t want to give them a free clue!

3. Search the gameboard:

After hearing a clue, look around the gameboard and find who IS doing what the clue says.. .either wearing those clothes, playing that sport, eating that food or hanging out at that place!

Whoever is doing what the clue says is NOT the Secret Admirer and should be crossed off your cluesheet under the Secret Admirer column.

For Example: After hearing Scott’s clue that the Secret Admirer is NOT wearing a jacket, take a look at the game-board and see which boys ARE wearing jackets. The Secret Admirer is NOT Dale, James, Spencer or Steve! They’re all wearing jackets — something the Admirer is NOT wearing. So cross those boys off your cluesheet. What luck! You’ve eliminated 4 boys off your list! See Figure 7.

Dream Phone Fig 7

4. Discard and draw:

Place the Photo card you just used faceup in the Discard section of the tray and draw one new Photo card from the Draw section. If the Draw pile runs out, just shuffle the cards in the Discard pile and place them facedown in the Draw section. If you draw a Photo card for a boy you already called (as noted on your cluesheet), return that card to the bottom of the Draw pile and draw a new card.

5. Your turn’s over!

Pass the Dream Phone to the player on your left. It’s now her turn to call a boy chosen from one of her 3 photo cards!


There are four different types of clues. Each clue will tell you something about the Secret Admirer’s clothes, sports, foods or special hang-outs.

The clues will always tell you what the Secret Admirer is NOT wearing. NOT playing or NOT eating; or where he is NOT hanging out!

Some boys will not even give you a clue. Instead, they’ll teasingly say, “Hello, I know who it is but I’m not telling!” If a boy says this on your turn, your turn is then over.


By listening to the clues and searching the gameboard to see which clues apply to whom, you’ll be able to find the Secret Admirer through the process of elimination.

Remember, the clues always tell you about what the Secret Admirer’s NOT wearing, NOT playing or NOT eating; or where he is NOT hanging out!

IMPORTANT: Any boy you call could be the Secret Admirer. For example, even if Scott gives you a clue about the Secret Admirer, he could still be the Secret Admirer.


The gameboard is filled with clues. You just have to find them! Some are harder to find than others so you must look closely. Here are some special rules to follow when searching.

— ALL clues are shown in full color in the gameboard pictures. Anything which is shown in silhouette (in black or mostly in black) is NOT a clue.

For Example: Take a look at Figure 8 below of the Crosstown Mall section of the gameboard. Everything that is shown in PINK represents a clue in Figure 8. There are clothing clues (ties, jeans and a jacket) and food clues (cookies and ice cream)! Everything else is shown in silhouette.

Dream Phone Fig 8

Notice that there is only one boy in the Mall who is wearing a jacket — Dale. Although Dave has an outline of a jacket in the gameboard picture, this is NOT a “jacket” clue because his jacket is shown in silhouette. Tricky! Tricky!

— Each figure on the gameboard is identified by a photo below it. NO clues are found in the boys’ photos.

— Each gameboard location is identified by name and background scene. There are six different locations to search: Reel Movies, Woodland Park, High Tide Beach, Jim’s Gym, Crosstown Mall and E.A.T.S. (Everything Always Tastes Super) Snack Shop.

— Jackets are shown in different styles and colors. The ONLY boys who ARE wearing jackets on the gameboard are: Dale, James, Spencer and Steve.

Visors and caps are considered hats. If the clue is that the Secret Admirer’s NOT wearing a hat, check the gameboard for boys wearing visors or caps. Then cross those boys off your cluesheet!

— If the clothing clue is “blue jeans,” remember that blue jeans come in different shades of blue.

— If the clothing clue is that the Secret Admirer’s NOT wearing anything yellow, check the gameboard pictures for those boys who ARE wearing clothes that have yellow somewhere on them. John, Paul, Wayne and Scott are the only boys who ARE wearing something yellow so cross them off your cluesheet!


There are 3 different Special cards that can be played on the player holding the Dream Phone. Here’s how to use them! After the Dream Phone player has announced that she is calling a certain boy (but before she presses any buttons), anyone can quickly toss a Special card in front of her! The first Special card to land in front of her is the one played. (Any other cards tossed must be returned to their owners to be played another time.)

• If a Speakerphone Card is played, the player with the Dream Phone must press the SPEAKER button on the phone before dialing her chosen boy’s phone number. The boy called will then announce his clue so everyone can hear it! (If someone misses hearing the clue, press the REDIAL button to hear it again.)

Once a Speakerphone card is played, it is out of play for the rest of the game — even if the boy called doesn’t give a clue!

• If a Share A Secref Card is played, the player with the Dream Phone must let the player who played the card listen in on her phone call! The player with the Dream Phone calls her chosen boy and then holds the phone between her ear and the card player’s, making sure that no one else will be able to hear. Both players will then hear the clue! (If either player has difficulty hearing it, press the REDIAL button to hear it again.) Remember, the clue is only for the caller and the card player, NOT for everyone!

Once a Share A Secret card is played, the player with the Dream Phone gets to keep it — even if the boy called doesn’t give a clue! She can use it later in the game to listen in on another player’s phone call!

• If a Mom Says Hang Up! Card is played, the player with the Dream Phone loses her entire turn. No phone call is made. This card can be played at any time. It’s usually played near the end of a game when other players want to stop someone from making a guess. See Making A Guess below.

Once a Mom Says Hang Up! card is played, it is out of play for the rest of the game.


If you think you know who the Secret Admirer is, use your turn to make a guess! Here’s how!

1. Tell everyone that you’re ready to make a guess. Do NOT say WHO you think it is yet! Watch out! Someone can play a Mom Says Hang Up! card on you now. (No other Special card can be played at this time.) If a Mom Says Hang Up! card is played, your turn is over. If not, go on to announce WHO you think it is!

2. Then everyone helps you search for that boy’s Photo card. You may already have it or another player might! Or it might be found in the Draw or Discard pile! (If you take it from another player, that player then draws a new card from the Draw pile.)

3. When you find the boy’s Photo card, place it faceup in front of you. Then make your guess by pressing the GUESS button first and then dialing the boy’s phone number.

4. When he answers, his message will be said out loud so everyone can hear if you’re right or not!

— If he says, “You’re right! I really like you!”, you’ve won the game! (You can even hit the REDIAL button to hear him again, too! Just do it before 3 minutes are up or the phone shuts off!)

— If he says, “Nice try, but it’s not me.”, your turn is over, but you are still in the game. Place his Photo card in the Discard Pile and pass the phone to the player on your left. Better luck on your next turn! (If his Photo card was taken from your own set of three, draw a new Photo card.) Everyone should now cross him off their cluesheets since he’s not the Secret Admirer!

How to Win

Correctly guess who the Secret Admirer is and you win the game!

To Play Again

To start a new game, give each player a new cluesheet, 3 Special cards and 3 Photo cards. Then press the NEW GAME button. The boys will now say something different than in the previous game and the Secret Admirer will be different, too!

Solo Play

All by yourself? You can still play Dream Phone! Forget about the Special cards and just shuffle the Photo cards. Call boys one at a time for clues. Search the gameboard and mark everything down on your cluesheet. See how quickly you can narrow down the list of boys and find the Secret Admirer!


This game is warranted by Milton Bradley Company to the original purchaser for a period of 90 days from the original purchase date under normal use and service against defective workmanship and materials (batteries excluded).

This warranty is void if this game has been damaged by accident or unreasonable use, neglect, misuse, abuse, improper service or other causes not arising out of defects in workmanship or materials.

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This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


After the 90-day warranty period has expired, Milton Bradley Company shall, for a period of one year from the date of purchase, either repair your game or replace it with a reconditioned game on the condition that you return the product, shipping prepaid, to the address listed below along with dated sales receipt and your check or money order in the amount of $10.00. Milton Bradley Company shall not be obligated to perform this service if this game has been abused, misused, improperly serviced or damaged due to accident.


Important — Before returning your game for repair, we recommend that you test the game with fresh, alkaline batteries. Even new batteries may be defective or weak and low batteiy power is a frequent cause of unsatisfactory operation.


Please read carefully and retain this important information for future reference.

Remove the batteries — do not return them.

If the original packaging is available, repack this game in its packing and box. If not available, wrap carefully, making sure to surround the game with adequate padding. If the 90-day warranty period has expired and your purchase date is still within our one year time limit, send in the unit along with your check or money order in the amount of $10.00 and a copy of your dated sales receipt. Please include a brief description of the problem, your return address and mail postage prepaid and insured to the following address. Do not send the batteries with the game.

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