Honor System

Barbie: Dream Date


To be the player with the most date and gift cards when the clock strikes midnight.


1. Attach clock hand to gamehoard. A. Separate Base and Clock Hand.
Barbie Dream Date Fig 1
B. From underside of gameboard, pop base through hole on clock face. C. Snap Clock Hand through hole and gameboard into Base.
Barbie Dream Date Fig 2
2. Gently press out all the cards, the spinner base, and the Ken and Barbie play pieces. Players select matching Ken and Barbie play pieces and fold them in the center and at two ends. Put Barbie in slots on the small, round play piece stand, and Ken in slots on the larger play piece stand.
Barbie Dream Date Fig 3
3. Place the Barbie p1ay pieces on Barbie’s house, at the top lelt of the golden locket. Place the Ken play pieces on the KEN START space.
Barbie Dream Date Fig 4
4. There are 32 different date cards (4 each of 8) and 12 gift cards (4 each of 3). Separate the gift cards into three piles: Perfume cards. Flower cards and Candy cards. Each gift card shows a photo of a real gift on one side, and the word "Perfume," “Flower,” or "Candy" on the other. With the word sides up, place the three gift card piles off to the side of the board. (Make sure you don’t look at the photos on the other side — those are the surprise gifts for Barbie!) 5. Separate the date cards into 8 piles so that all of the same dates are together. One side of each date card shows a photo of Barbie and Ken on their date. The other side has a word that goes with the date. (For example, the Tennis cards have have pictures of tennis rackets on them, along with the word “TENNIS.”) Match the photo side of the date cards to the photo of the date on the board, and place the cards word side up. 6. Assemble the spinner as shown.
Barbie Dream Date Fig 5
A. Separate arrows from spinner bases. B. Insert bases through holes in spinner card as shown C. Snap arrows and spinner bases together. D. So that arrows will spin freely, press down on spinner card near hole, making sure spinner bases pop through hole. Take turns spinning one spinner. Whoever spins the highest number will play first. (The clock face should be considered the highest number.)


All players start on the KEN START space and begin each game with the clock hand pointing to 12. The first player spins both spinners on the heart-shaped spinner. • If the player spins two numbers, the numbers are added together, and the player moves ahead that number of spaces. • If a clock and a number are spun, the player moves ahead the same number of spaces as the number, and also moves the clock hand (on the gameboard) ahead one hour. • If two clocks are spun, the player moves the clock hand back one hour - the play piece does not move. The clock hand must never move backwards past the 12. After each turn, play passes to the next player. One at a time, players spin and move their Ken play pieces around the right side of the locket, across the arrow, and to the left side of the locket. Each time a player lands on one of the gift spaces (players must land by exact count), she takes a card from the corresponding gift pile. These are the gifts that Ken will give Barbie on their dates. Players may collect only one card of each type. If, for example, you already have a “Flowers” card, and you land on another “Flowers” space, play passes to the next player. Do not collect another “Flowers” card. Also, do not turn your cards over until the end of the game. When you reach Barbie’s house, your dates officially begin! (You do not need to arrive by exact count.) Put the Barbie play piece into the circle on Ken’s play piece, and twist to lock in place.
Barbie Dream Date Fig 6
After you pick up Barbie, you will travel around the date board (the white path outside of the locket area). You may travel in either direction, but you may not change direction in the middle of a turn. Each time you land by exact count on a space indicating a date, pick a card from the top of the corresponding date pile. For example, if you should land on Tennis, you would pick up the top Tennis card and add it to your collection of cards. Remember, you may only collect one card of each type. Again, do not turn the cards over until the end of the game.


Barbie Dream Date Fig 7
When the clock hand has moved all the way around the clock once and is pointing to 12 midnight, the game is over! Players count their gift and date cards. The player with the most cards wins the game! The winner turns her cards over to see exactly what kind of gifts Ken bought Barbie. Now, line up the snapshots of the dates they had. Looks like they had a great time! (Note: If there is a tie, players with the same number of cards count their date cards only. The girl with the most date cards wins!) Barbie Dream Date Golden Logo BARBIE and associated trademarks are owned by and used under license from Mattel, Inc. © 1992 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks are the property of Western Publishing Company, Inc. Printed in U.S.A. by Western Publishing Company, Inc. Racine Wisconsin 53404.