Honor System



1. The winner of the game is the first player to get his marker through undersea passage to Vulcania.

2. Each player is given different marker. He may atart from any of the starting positions. When it is his turn, he spins the spinner and moves his marker the number of squares it shows.

3. He may go in a straight line or make only right or left turn during any one spin.

4. No player can try to get the undersea passage until he has landed his marker on each of the six adventure squares.

5. He may go through the adventures in any order he chooses. He receives a corresponding adventure card after he has gone through each edventure. He must have all six before he tries for Vulcania. He cannot go through the same adventure twice.

6. When a player has landed on the undersea passage squares, he must spin a "one" in order to get through to Vulcania. If he spins a different number he must move away from the undersea passage the number of squares indicated by the spinner. He can try to get in again on his next turn.

7. If one player is parked on the undersea passage and another player is trying to get through, the second player can jump the first one, provided his move would have landed him in Vulcania anyway.