Honor System

12 O'Clock High


To Score the highest number of points by commanding the most "Accurate Strategic Bombing Squadron".


Game Board, Squadron Markers, Bomb Cards, Direct Hit Discs, Dice.


Each player selects a Squadron Marker and places it at the Airfield marked "Start Here".
Carefully break apart the Bomb Card sheet. Each player takes 10 Bomb Cards.
Each player rolls the regular Dice. The highest roll (Total) goes first, the player to his left goes second and so on.


Each player, on his turn, throws all 3 Dice (2 Regular - 1 Bomb). He may throw the Dice 3 times. After each throw he moves his Marker the number of spaces indicated toward any Target of his choice. If at any time during his three rolls, a "Bomb" comes up on the Bomb Die, his turn ends and he must give up one Bomb Card. If a player lands directly on a target before he uses all 3 throws, he may stop and bomb that target.


When a player lands directly on a Target he can bomb that Target. To bomb a Secondary Target (Blue Target), he rolls the Bomb Die twice. If a Bomb turns face up, the 1st or second roll, it is a hit and the player receives 5 points. He then covers the area with a "Direct Hit" Disc and enters his score on the "Strategic Bombing Accuracy Record" Pad. Once the Disc is placed over a Target that Target cannot be bombed again. If, however, a Bomb does not turn up on the Die, it is a miss and the area is left open to anyone who can bomb it. In either case a player must give up 1 Bomb Card and wait for his next turn.

To bomb a Primary Target (Red Target) the player rolls the Bomb Die twice. If the Bomb comes up either time on the die, it is scored as a hit, and is worth 15 points. The Target area is then covered by a "Direct Hit" Disc. If a Bomb does not turn face up, during his 2 rolls, it is a miss, and the area is left open. In either case the player must turn in 2 Bomb Cards and wait for his next turn.

NOTE: In bombing whether you hit or miss you must give up 2 Bomb Cards for Primary Target, 1 Bomb Card for a Secondary Target. However, a player is not allowed to bomb unless he has the appropriate amount of Bombs to give up.


As play continues, a player will run out of Bombs. In order for him to re-load, he must get back to the Airfield :Landing Path". This is done by rolling the Dice the customary 3 times (the Bomb Die is not used as the player has no bombs to drop) and heading back to the Airfield in the quickest possible direction. He must return to the Airfield by path leading to the "Landing Path". He cannnot enter the Airfield by the path leading to the "Start" Position. Once a player returns to the Airfield he automatically re-loads by taking 10 Bomb Cards. On his next turn he proceeds as before.


The first player to score 35 points wins the game. If players wish to play a longer game, the players should agree to a higher amount of points needed to win the game.